PVC Heat Shrinkable Sleeve

It is used for controlling integrity of the packaging, and at the same time it is designed for decoration of the product. It is usually produced from 40-micron PVC (polyvinylchloride) film with 50% degree of shrinkage.

It is produced with different options:

  1. Application of an image by means of flexographic printing;
  2. With tear tape for convenient opening of the package;
  3. With perforation and a lug for convenient opening of the package;
  4. Application of a hologram, which is used for protection of the products against forgery, is possible.
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  • Application of Print

    By means of high-quality flexographic print an image for decoration of the product or logotype of the customer are applied.

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  • Tear Tape

    It is used for visual accent of the place for opening and facilitation of the package opening. It may have golden, red or blue color.

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  • Perforation

    It makes it possible to facilitate opening of the package and check place for opening.

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  • Hologram

    It is used not just for decoration of the package, but also for protection of the product against forgery.

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  • Thermal Printing

    Application of an image or a sign by means of a foil. Use of the foil of different colors is possible.

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