Sachet Paper Bags

Nowadays, environmentally friendly Sachet bags made of kraft paper are gaining popularity as green issues are becoming more and more pressing by the day. Sachets have an aesthetically pleasing appearance and are smooth to touch in addition to environmentally safe properties.

Our company manufactures such bags. They are typically made of white and brown kraft paper with a density of 40-80 gsm. If you prefer, a bag can be decorated with a high-quality full-color image.

Technical capabilities render it possible to manufacture sachets in the size range as follows:

  • 100-320 mm in height;
  • 100-320 mm in width.

Sachets can also be made with a transparent window for the customer to see the content.

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  • Bag size made to order

    We can produce 100 to 320 mm width (b) and 160 to 700 mm height (c) bags with a given depth (a) according to your wishes.

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  • Bag overprinting

    Any bag can be branded with your logo or any image of your choice. You can choose a paper color: white, brown.

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  • Sachet with a transparent window

    A polypropylene film window is made throughout the length of the bag for the customer to see the content.

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