In to-day’s world with developed industrial production, the Doy-pack looks most favorably among great number of packaging types .

Doy-pack is a special type of flexible package, which represents a plastic package with a bottom that allows the package standing vertically when it is filled. Principal peculiarity of the doy-pack is its multi-seam (from 1 to 5) structure with a flexible bottom. This kind of the package received its name from its inventor Louis Doyen.

Doy-pack serves for manual or automated packaging of the most different food products ( coffee, tea, flavoring, dry fruits, juices, mayonnaise, candies, etc.).

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Advantages of doy-pack manifested themselves very quickly. In contrast to glass containers, it is impossible to crash a doy-pack. Doy-pack has practically minimal own weight in relation to weight of the product. Big area of new kind of the package makes it possible to present advantageously the commodity to a consumer.
Doy-packs allow using a zip-lock or a plug, which significantly increases the term of storage of the product contained in open doy-pack. Doy-pack had comparatively low cost of manufacturing due to cheap initial materials from which it was produced.

High-Strength Material for Doy-Pack

For production of the condensed milk package an innovation four-layer 134-micron material PET/AL/NY/PE, which has increased strength, was used.

Ready Doy-pack having 0.5 liter volume stands pressure up to 1.5 atmospheres, which allows guaranteeing preservation of the packed product during its long transportation, fall and storage.
This material may be used for packaging liquid products with corrosive medium, like vine, etc.

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